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NIGERIAN FOOD LOVERS                                                                        

In a populace, I have noticed that some love Nigerian food so much, hence the idea to develop an interactive site that will serve as a platform for my audience to share and learn from.

This site aims to serve Nigerian food lovers in an interactive manner.

It talks about the numerous Nigerian meals and their methods of preparation while grouping them into three courses namely: APPETIZER, MAIN DISH and DESERT. Pictures of the meals are displayed. Users can upload and edit information on the web pages here e.g a user can know of a type of meal and its preparation; in that case the user uploads this information and the picture.

Also it aids people in drawing up roaster for their meals thereby making feeding interesting and attractive while still reducing and eliminating stereotypes in meals. It provides a feeding timetable grouping meals into breakfast, lunch and supper on weekly basis. Users can upload and edit the feeding timetable interactively, every week.

Users are to create account on first visit before sharing comments, uploading and editing. For subsequent visits, the users just log on and give their comments.

They agree to disagree interactively.

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